Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yo La Tengo- Murdering The Classics 2017

Where I live, March is a month where we look forward to an early spring and hope that within the next month the snow will melt and the temperature will climb above 0 C (or 32 F for you US readers). March is also the month WFUM-FM in Jersey City, NJ holds their annual pledge drive to raise funds to sustain operations. And even though I don't live in New Jersey or even in the country, I look forward to Yo La Tengo's annual" Request-a-thon murdering the classics" only Yo La Tengo can do. I've been lucky enough to listen to the recordings for most of the years and I marvel and envy Yo La Tengo for the amazing job they do every year. This might sound weird, but their live recordings from the radio broadcast is always a highlight of the year for me and while I'm listening I usually sport a huge grim on my good!

As with last year's version of "Murdering the Classics", I grabbed this from Dime and I want to share it with the readers here that are not members of Dime. Please respect the original posters request: Please do not trade this in lossy format. Convert to lossy for personal use only. 

Yo La Tengo
Murdering The Classics 2017

Live on Todd-o-phonic Todd's
Request-a-Thon with Gaylord Fields
WFMU-FM's Monty Hall
Jersey City, NJ USA
7 sets from 3-6pm

Broadcast live over 91.1 WFMU-FM, Jersey City, NJ USA.

WFMU-FM > Sony XDR-F1HD > Edirol R-09HR (44.1/16) >
Sony Soundforge 10 > FLAC level 6 aligned on SB

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 1:

01 - Don't You Just Know It (Huey "Piano" Smith) (2:16)
02 - Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney) (1:39)
03 - Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie (Barron/Sun Ra) (2:03)
04 - Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) (Traditional) (1:34)
05 - Psychotic Reaction (Count Five) (2:07)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 2:

06 - Runaround Sue (DiMucci/Maresca) (1:54)
07 - Stop Your Sobbing (Ray Davies) (2:45)
08 - All I Have To Do Is Dream (Boudleaux Bryant) (1:45)
09 - Who Do You Love? (Bo Diddley) (2:24)
10 - Yellow Submarine (Lennon/McCartney) (1:19)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 3:

11 - What Is Life (George Harrison) (2:43)
12 - (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown (Gamble/Huff) (2:39)
13 - Shy Town (Lois) (2:49)
14 - El Paso (Marty Robbins) (2:18)
15 - Volunteers (Balin/Kantner) (2:47)
16 - Little Latin Lupe Lu (Bill Medley) (2:27)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 4:

17 - Like A Hurricane (Neil Young) (5:42)
18 - Walk Away Renee (Brown/Calilli/Sansone) (3:24)
19 - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (James Brown) (2:01)
20 - Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole (w/ Todd-O-Phonic Todd) (Robyn Hitchcock) (3:33)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 5:

21 - Get Back (Lennon/McCartney) (2:59)
22 - When You Were Mine (Prince) (4:02)
23 - So You Want To Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (MCGuinn/Hillman) (3:22)
24 - I Love Rock'n'Roll (Merrill/Hooker) (2:39)
25 - Expressway To Yr. Skull (Sonic Youth) (5:40)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 6:

26 - Rumble (Grant/Wray) (2:10)
27 - The Concept (Norman Blake) (3:42)
28 - (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (R.E.M.) (3:11)
29 - California Man (Roy Wood) (2:24)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 7:

30 - Burning Love (Dennis Linde) (2:31)
31 - Shake Some Action (Jordan/Wilson) (4:54)
32 - Sister Ray (Lou Reed) > Medley of Requests (13:03)

With references to:
Top of the World (Carpenters)
Green Lights (NRBQ)
I'm Set Free (Velvet Underground)
Cool (Pylon)
Got To Get You Into My Life (The Beatles)
MC Solaar track with French cuss word (nice try Carlos J)
20th Century Boy (T Rex)
I've Been Tired (The Pixies)
Four Strong Winds (Ian and Sylvia Tyson), mixed w/ Powerman (The Kinks)
I Was The Fool Beside You For Too Long (Yo La Tengo)
Mother of Pearl (Roxy Music)
Driver's Seat (Sniff'n'The Tears)
I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen (Slade)
You Painted Your Teeth (Jandek)
Here Today (Beach Boys)
The Smiths
Take A Chance On Me (Abba)
Heart of the City (Rockpile - Nick Lowe)
Let's Spend The Night Together (Rolling Stones)
Memphis Tennessee (Chuck Berry/John Cale)
Godzilla (Blue Öyster Cult)
Metal Guru (T Rex)

Total Running Time: 1hr 41min 03sec

Georgia Hubley - drums, vocals
Ira Kaplan - guitar, vocals
James McNew - bass
Bruce Bennett - guitar, vocals

YO LA TENGO- 2017-03-18 Murdering the Classics 2017 WFMU-FM FLAC rar.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fountains Of Wayne- First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN June 13, 2007

Ten years ago, in June, I happened to be in the Twin Cities for a pair of concerts I was fortunate enough to get tickets to. I wrote about this trip, Lots To See In Minneapolis and St. Paul where I posted excerpts from the MPR's The Current Fakebook series featuring Laura Lindeen's book launch concert held in the amazing Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul. Laura was promoting her memoir, Petal Pusher: A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story, which included her time living in the Minneapolis music scene of the late 80's and 90's. At the time, Laura was married to Paul Westerberg which of course peaked my interest and to accompany readings and a live on stage interview, music guests performed during this book launch/reading/concert event. Guests included, Mark Olson (of the Jayhawks and Creekdippers), Marc Perlman, Steve Wynn, Westerberg and a two song reunion by Lindeen's former band, Zuzu's Petals. As it happens, I didn't buy the book, but I did borrow it from the library a couple summers ago and it was a very interesting read. Kinda glad I waited because I became much more familiar with Zuzu's Petals before I read the book and I knew Laura and Paul had since split (sad to hear).

The other concert I mentioned, but failed to follow up with on "the next post", was Fountains of Wayne on June 13, 2007 at the First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. What I remember most about the show was that it was hot and humid and pressed together tightly in the crowd standing on the floor of the club. The Broken West opened and they were fantastic! Their debut album, I Can't Go On, I'll Go On, is a great album and was on heavy rotation at work and on my iPod. They put on an energetic set of brilliant power pop, a perfect pairing with Fountains Of Wayne. I recorded their set as well, if anyone is interested.

If you've ever been to the First Ave (at least in 2007), they roll down a screen in front of the stage to screen short films and video while the band sets up behind the screen. It caught me off guard when a recorded Traffic and Weather intro began before they launched into I've Got Flair. I don't think I missed much of the intro, but it gets tricky when the lights go out and I have to tweak settings on my recorder. Another reason why a mini flashlight is a must have to carry when taping. I suffered a near recording mishap when I saw Paul Westerberg at the Guthrie Theatre in 2002 when the lights went out at the beginning of the concert and I couldn't see my recorder (mini-disc recorder back light stays on a very short time) and I had to unplug the mic and crawl on the floor down the aisle to the the lights on the stairs to adjust the settings. Embarrassing and stupid, always carry a flashlight!

Remembering back ten years, I recalled what a great live band Fountains Of Wayne are. Though they don't boast the most visually stunning stage show, they play to their strengths. They keep the banter light and funny, they have a cool casual persona about them even with Jody's "rock star swagger" and they delivered a great set of music. Despite the commercial over-saturation of their "hit", Stacy's Mom, Welcome Interstate Managers is a classic album. Every song has a memorable hook and it's their most consistent effort yet. The album they toured in 2007, Traffic and Weather has definitely grown on me through the years and it was exciting to hear some of the tracks live.

About a month ago I was listening to another FOW live recording and it suddenly dawned on me, what happened to my recording of FOW when I saw them in 2007? I realized I never actually transferred the show from mini-disc to my hard drive or at least burned a disc from it. The other concert I saw in the Twin Cities that weekend (Laura Lindeen) was apparently my immediate priority and I apologize for taking so long to post this show.I dug up the disc and replaced an old corroded battery out of the mini-disc player and gave it a listen. A couple weeks later I uploaded the concert. The sound is pretty good considering the crowd I was standing in and despite the surrounding chatter I'm happy with the recording. I've never seen another live recording of the show and my version has never been shared (or heard by anyone but me) or traded anywhere until now.

Note: The poster pictured at the top of this post I bought at the concert. That too was almost forgotten as I've yet to get around framing it. Don't get too excited, it's signed by members of the band, not Fountains of Wayne, but the openers, The Broken West. They were more than happy to sign the poster, nice guys!

Please do NOT sell!
Share, but don't share in mp3, keep it lossless.

First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
June 13, 2007

Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Sharp MD-MT90> ADS Instant Music> USB>
Nero Soundtrax> Wav> Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar

01. I've Got A Flair
02. No Better Place
03. Denise
04. Someone To Love
05. Fire In The Canyon
06. Hackensack
07. Hey Julie
08. Strapped For Cash
09. Yolanda Hayes
10. Mexican Wine
11. I-95
12. It Must Be Summer
13. Stacy's Mom
14. Radiation Vibe
15. Survival Car

16. Traffic And Weather
17. Red Dragon Tattoo
18. Leave The Biker

Encore 2
19. Half A Woman
20. Valley Winter Song
21. Sink To The Bottom

FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE- 2007-06-13 First Avenue, Mpls, MN Master FLAC. rar

Thursday, March 23, 2017

J Church- Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, June 12, 1996

It will be 10 years ago this October 21th since J Church founder (guitarist/songwriter), Lance Hahn passed away. He left behind a legacy of great music, and according to Wikipedia, the group released an estimated 150 records which included an extensive discography of albums, singles and splits with other like-minded punk rock bands. He died October 21, 2007, at the way too early to die age of 40 following a collapse during dialysis after being in a coma since October 12th. I had previously wrote a blog posting in October of that year about Lance and J Church and my experience meeting Lance in person after shows in 1996 and 1997.

Since today is "Wequest Wednesday", I thought I would honour a request to repost a  J Church show from 1996 I shared on Dime 10 years ago. I only posted a small sample of songs from the show on the blog and the Dime link is long gone, but alas, I browsed through my hard drives and found the FLAC files I originally posted. The recording is from over 20 years ago and I originally recorded it on cassette, but it's transferred to digital and it's lossless. I'm listening to the recording as I write this and the sound is surprisingly good. Any muffled vocals and uneven sounds is clearly the Pyramid's fault and the chatter and idiot catcalls are all part of the charm and experience of standing in the middle of a packed  punk rock crowd. I will eventually post the J Church show I recorded in 1997 probably closer to the 20th anniversary of the show in the near future...stay tuned!

Pyramid Cabaret
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
June 12, 1996

Audience MASTER
Sony clip-on mic> Sony WM-GX35 > Maxell XLII> Fisher CR-W911A Cassette Deck> ADS Instant Music> USB> Nero Soundtrax> Wav> Direct Wave MP3 Splitter> FLAC> Maketorrent> rar

05.  Ivy League College
06.  My Favourite Place
08.  Why I Liked Bikini Kill
09.  No Surprise
10.  Racked
11.  Tide Of Fate
13.  Hope
15.  Yellow, Red And Green
16.  Panama

It's been a long time since I first listened to this recording. If your more of a fan than me and can identify the song titles, please let me know so I can fill in the rest of the setlist.

J CHURCH- 1996-06-12 FLAC. rar 

Monday, March 13, 2017

TUNS- The Good Will, Winnipeg, November 26, 2016

Believe it or not, these are the clearest photos I took. You get the idea...

Funny how time flies...It's been almost 4 months since I recorded Tuns. It was before winter arrived and now we've passed day light savings time and spring is a possibility in the next month or so. Tuns was the third of my trilogy of concerts I attended last November and I apologize for the lack of posts and how slow I was to post this show. In fact, it was ready to post since a week after the show so be prepared to go back in time a little bit.

If you listened to alternative Canadian music during the 1990's, you will probably be familiar with the members of Tuns. They are Chris Murphy (Sloan), Matt Murphy (Superfriendz and Flashing Lights) and Mike O'Neill (Inbreds), a kind of Canadian indie-rock supergroup. They released their self-titled debut album, in August 2016 and this was their first visit as a band to Winnipeg. Playing at the Good Will Social Club, the band cruised through most (or all) of the songs from the album along with a couple new songs I don't have proper titles for. If you know the songs with the (?) in the setlist, please let me know. They closed their set with the classic, High School, from the Flashing Lights debut album. An amazing set from three very talents musicians with Chris Murphy on drums instead of his usual bass position in Sloan. The sound was top notch, thanks to the Good Will sound guy and the results of the recording are very good. I played this recording at loud volume recently in my living room and I swear to god it was just like being there, but without being squeezed, shoved and knocked about. Yes, I sat on the couch. Highly recommended!

The Good Will
Winnipeg, MB
November 26, 2016

AUD Master

Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> USB> 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar file

01. Back Among Friends
02. Mixed Messages
03. Throw It All Away
04. To Your Satisfaction
05. (new song) When your Ready (?)
06. Mind Your Manners
07. I Can't Wait Forever
08. Look Who's Back In Town Again
09. Lonely Life
10. Mind Over Matter
11. (new song) (?)
12. Lie Awake (?)
13. High School

TUNS- 2016-11-26 The Good Will, Winnipeg, MB FLAC Master. rar

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Baby Astronauts- Strawberry Enema

Almost daily I receive PR promotions and requests for review albums from bands and PR people from labels. The odd time I'll listen, sometimes, but rarely if I think it's of interest to anyone reading this blog, I'll post something about it. Once in a while I'll get requests to repost something where the links are dead or requests of a random album or show. To prove I actually read my emails and comments, I'll try to fill those requests eventually (FYI: better chance I'll read the emails)

I had a request to post the cassette only release of Strawberry Enema from the Baby Astronauts. I hadn't posted this previously, but I mentioned I downloaded it (I do not own the tape) on an old post from 2011 when I posted the Baby Astronauts album, All The Pancakes You Can Eat. I kid you not, I was browsing Discogs yesterday for a vinyl copy of the album. I honestly can't remember what site I downloaded Strawberry from or if it's still up online, but I'm sure it's way out of print. It's a gem, if you enjoyed Pancakes, you'll love this. It's raw and I wish music was this good more often. One note, the rip is a mp3, it's compressed, but probably doesn't affect the sound quality that much anyways.

Strawberry Enema (1985)
Cassette Tape

01. 7-11 Kevin
02. Who Raped Mother Nature
03. Neighborhood Boys
04. I Was A Teenage Space Station
05. Chainsaw Love
06. Devil Cat
07. Otto's Chemical Lounge
08. Someone Else Today
09. Don't Rain On My Charade
10. Summer Vacation (Big Pails Of Gas)
11. Gas Puppet Theme
12. Lumber Jack Sex
13. Ventriloquism

BABY ASTRONAUTS- Strawberry Enema mp3. rar

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Fuse- PTSD Fundraising Concert, Winnipeg, MB November 19, 2016

 Merry Christmas or should I say happy post Boxing Day week! It's been busy times in December leading up to the end of the year with the chaos of the holiday season upon us. Where I live, we had a monster snow storm on Christmas day and I spent several hours on Boxing day shoveling so my neighbors don't think I'm inconsiderate or lazy. Other than that, my past few days have been spent eating turkey leftovers, sitting on the computer and watching crap TV. I'm taking the rest of the week off work, so I'll continue to waste my time eating more leftovers, sitting on the computer and watching lots of hockey. I have been feeling somewhat guilty with all this time on my hands, so it's about time I caught up on posts for this blog.

In my last post, I may or may not said (It's been a while since I read it), November was the first time in over a year since I had been to a real concert. Which means I haven't recorded much or posted any shows I didn't go to. The drought was over in November 2016 with three shows that I attended and recorded. The first was the John Samson concert (see last post) and the second was The Fuse, a local band I pretty much grew up watching as the members were most active in the 80's and 90's in various incarnations. The Hatcher Brothers (Jeff, Don, Paul) and David Briggs began as The Fuse in the late 70's, then became the Six and then, Jeffrey Hatcher And The Big Beat, where they gained much critical acclaim and modest commercial success with their album, Cross Our Hearts in 1987. Between 1993-1996, Jeff co-fronted The Blue Shadows with Billy Cowsill and released two excellent albums. After a long hiatus, the Hatchers and Briggs reformed and released a new album, Getting There From Here in 2010 under the name, Hatcher-Briggs. For their most recent album, Brilliant Sun, the band reverted back to their original name, The Fuse and have performed under that name since.

The Fuse concert on November 19th was the third annual PTSD fundraising concert in memory of Ken Barker. In 2014, Barker lost his battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as the concert honours his memory with a live concert involving family, friends and colleagues and the public as Ken was a lover of music and concerts. The first two fundraisers raised $30,000 for Heroes Are Humans (The Temar Conter Memorial Trust). The Trust provides training to first responders in occupations of high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (fire fighters, police, corrections, ambulance etc.). This year some of the proceeds will also be donated to Cvet's Pets, a 100% volunteer run, not for profit organization that helps local Winnipeg animal shelters. The Cvet's Pets Helping Vets Program connects highly trained medical-service dogs with military veterans and first responders diagnosed with PTSD.

Since The Fuse seem to limit their live shows to annual events, this show was a must see. I positioned a spot in the upper mezzanine in the same spot as the Samson show. It provided a nice view above the crowd on the floor, where there was much dancing and socializing, so I was happy I was up because the sound quality was great where I was. The band was tight, the spirit was fun loving and it had the atmosphere of a good old Winnipeg social. A highlight for me was when my friend Hugh (in the white shirt), who organized and put on this concert, got up on stage to introduce the band and "lead" them through The Six classic, Coming To Collect. Amazing job Hugh, your singing and for making this concert happen! The concert is a great listen, the band plays songs from all their eras and the sound is sweet. I'm listening to the live recording as I'm writing this and it brings back nice memories from the show. Please check out the fundraiser websites for more info about PTSD and how you can help.

Please share!
Do NOT sell!
Do NOT convert to mp3, except for personal use.

West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg, MB
November 19, 2016

Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> USB> 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar file

01. It Rests With Me
02. Out Of Time
03. Satin Sheets
04. If Ever I Should Fall
05. Nowhere At All
06. Cry Wolf
07. She Read My Palm
08. Days Gone By
09. Deliver Me
10. Band Introductions/Coming To Collect
11. Getting There From Here
12. Down To The Earth
13. Never Heard Of Midnight
14. St. Enoch's Road
15. I Believe
16. The Last Ones
17. Man Who Would Be King

Encore 1
18. In My Hour Of Darkness
19. My Elizabeth

Encore 2
20. Promised Land
21. Western Wind

THE FUSE- 2016-11-19 WECC, Winnipeg, MB FLAC Master. rar

Monday, November 14, 2016

John K. Samson- Winter Wheat Album Release Show, Nov. 4, 2016

Album release shows, some people love them, while some don't. It comes down to what level of fan you are of the performer or band. If you're a die hard fan that is familiar with all their music and attends concerts most times the band is in town, you should be dying to hear the latest songs from the just released album. You might not have even heard any of the new songs yet and this may be your first listen to the new record, but you are excited about being one of the first to hear it live. To be honest, there will be some songs, the deeper cuts, that might not be played often after the initial new release shows, so that in itself is kind of special.

There are also the fans that aren't excited by the prospect of hearing a large percentage of the show dedicated to the new stuff. These fans love the band, but they want to hear something they are already familiar with, no surprises. In John K. Samson's case, they still want to hear all the Weakerthan's "hits" and will tolerate his solo material because they have no choice. This might sound narrow-minded, but there are a lot of fans that fall in that category. The new songs to them is the time to update their friends beside them or on their phone about what's new and not so new about their self-centred lives. Chatter usually increases and I jokingly refer to this time as the bathroom break or refresh your drink time. All kidding aside, I love album releases. I feel this privilege of hearing something no one else has heard yet live. Since John's hometown is Winnipeg, we are very lucky to have this privilege.

Full disclosure, I downloaded the album right when it was released and had a chance to listen to the album before the concert on November 4th. My first impression was that the album is mellower than my liking, but after repeated listening and seeing eight of these songs performed live, it really has grown on me. The set John K and his band, The Winter Wheat gave us was split almost evenly between Weakerthans and post-Weakerthans solo material. The new stuff works well live especially songs like, Postdoc Blues and the Neil Young/Crazy Horse inspired, Vampire Alberta Blues. Considering there were 3 of 4 members of the Weakerthans on stage, the Weakerthans songs sounded refreshed and bright and with the addition of John's wife, Christine Fellows (who opened the show) on keyboard and backing vocals and Ashley Au on double and electric bass and guitar, the sound was full and satisfying. The Neil Young vibe was still in the air during the first encore when the band performed a cover of Neil Young's, Don't Be Denied. The reference to Winnipeg in the song are unavoidable and I always felt a secret Winnipeg joy whenever I heard the song. I remember when the Constantines played that song as their encore when they opened for the Weakerthans at the now deceased, Rendez-Vous back in the mid 2000's. They wrote the lyrics on a pizza box and propped it against the monitor in front of them. A classic Winnipeg moment!

If you've been to the West End Cultural Centre recently, you know they have a upper mezzanine balcony type seating area. I decided I wasn't looking forward to several hours of standing surrounded by young folks all taller than I am. The upper seating area is only 2 rows deep and offers an unimpeded view of the full stage and band. No more trying to peak around some swaying drunken talking idiot (that Winnipeg is full of!). The sound was incredible and it was as comfortable as hell. I taped my microphone to the rail and sat almost centre directly above the soundboard. The live recording is amazing, being up above the crowd, the sound is crisp and balanced and you can actually hear all the lyrics and instruments clearly. There was almost no crowd chatter and this may possibly be the best sounding live recording I have ever recorded! A must hear for anyone that's a fan of John K. Samson, the Weakerthans and Winnipeg.

Please share!
DO NOT sell or share in lossy formats (mp3)!

 JOHN K. SAMSON & The Winter Wheat
West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg, MB
November 4, 2016
AUD Master

01. Select All Delete
02. Sun In An Empty Room
03. Postdoc Blues
04. Reconstruction Site
05. Plea From A Cat Named Virtute
06. Cruise Night
07. When I Write My Master's Thesis
08. Vampire Alberta Blues
09. One Great City!
10. (Hospital Vespers)
11. 17th Street Treatment Centre
12. Bigfoot!
13. Aside
14. Alpha Adept
15. Requests
16. Winter Wheat

17. Confessions Of Futon-Revolutionist
18. Left And Leaving
19. Don't Be Denied
20. Virtute At Rest

Encore 2
21. My Favourite Chords

JOHN K. SAMSON- 2016-11-04 WECC, Winnipeg, MB FLAC. rar

Monday, August 22, 2016

Tragically Hip Final Show? Kingston 2016

Photo credit (CBC)
I just got back from 2 weeks of vacation refreshed and relaxed. As usual, I missed a lot while I was out of town. So, the Olympics in Rio is done and finished (I did see part of the closing ceremonies), Wilco played in Winnipeg at the Interstellar Rodeo last weekend (it didn't get rained out) and a little band from Canada, more specifically, Kingston Ontario closed out their tour in grand style on Saturday night. The Tragically Hip played what could be possibly their last show with all the fan fair and excitement that gets CBC and their viewers and listeners in a tizzy. When all the Hips tour dates immediately sold out (legitimate or not), all of Canada was in a panic that they would miss saying goodbye in person to lead singer, frontman, Gord Downie. In steps the good ol' CBC who promises to simulcast the final concert in their hometown of Kingston by airing the show on broadcast TV, radio, digital radio and live streaming. Thousands of people across Canada swarmed to CBC approved public spaces, bars, theatres and parks to watch on mass the concert on the big screen and in total millions watched somewhere. The broadcast and live streaming reached 11.7 million people (who at least watched a second or two) and the TV broadcast alone averaged 4 million viewers. A pretty damn big tribute from a nation that appreciates it's hockey, beer and rock 'n' roll, not necessarily in that order. The band played everything a Hip fan would want including 3 encores. It must have incredible to watch and beyond amazing to be there! A review of the show is found at the CBC website.

Photo credit (CBC)
I was on vacation 8 hours north of where I live and internet and a clear radio station are not dependable. I check emails and internet stuff in town, but at the cabin we can't even get one TV station. I missed out on the live broadcast and if I was home I would have taped the concert on the radio, like the good old days of live concert broadcasts on CBC FM. Fortunately, a listener on Dime captured the FM broadcast of the show (with edited DJ) and posted the concert to share. As I write this I am listening to the recording and it sounds amazing! I'm pretty sure the band may release the audio and video of the final show so get this while you can.

This is not my recording so I'll give credit where credit is due. First thanks to the CBC for making this recording possible and thanks so much stevemtl for the recording and allowing this to be shared in lossless format only! (reserve mp3 and other degrades for your own use only.) And DO NOT sell or profit from this recording! (I've left all the music and text files in their original format.) 

The original post on Dimeadozen (download torrent) members only.

Rogers K-Rock Centre
Kingston, ON, Canada
August 20, 2016   

01.  -applause-
02.  Fifty-Mission Cap
03.  Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)
04.  Wheat Kings
05.  At the Hundredth Meridian
06.  In a World Possessed by the Human Mind
07.  What Blue
08.  Tired As Fuck
09.  -talk-
10.  Machine
11.  -applause-
12.  My Music at Work
13.  Lake Fever
14.  Toronto #4
15.  Putting Down
16.  Twist My Arm
17.  Three Pistols
18.  -talk-
19.  Fiddler's Green
20.  Little Bones  
21.  The Last of the Unplucked Gems
22.  Something On
23.  Poets
24.  Bobcaygeon 
25.  Fireworks
26.  -applause, talk-
27.  New Orleans Is Sinking
28.  Boots or Hearts
29.  Blow at High Dough
30.  -talk, applause-
31.  Nautical Disaster
32.  Scared
33.  Grace, Too
34.  -applause, talk-
35.  Locked in the Trunk of a Car
36.  Gift Shop
37.  Ahead by a Century
38.  -applause-

t11: costume change; thunderstorm sounds and images
t26, 30, 34: encore

Gord Downie - vocals
Paul Langlois - guitar
Rob Baker - guitar
Gord Sinclair - bass
Johnny Fay- drums

Due to the length of the show and large file, I split the file into 2 parts.
TRAGICALLY HIP- 2016-08-20 Kingston, ON FM FLAC. rar (part 1)
TRAGICALLY HIP- 2016-08-20 Kingston, ON FM FLAC. rar (part 2)

Monday, August 08, 2016

Young Fresh Fellows- Lounge Ax, Chicago 1990

When I first began collecting live concert recordings my main focus was Replacements shows. I missed out seeing the band live before they broke up 1991, but my wishes finally came true when I saw them during their semi-reunion tour a couple years ago. A band I equally loved back then was the Young Fresh Fellows who not only inspired me to write this blog (and inspired the name of the blog), but they also topped my list of bands I wanted to get everything they recorded. I believe I have in one form or another most or all YFF studio recordings including 7"ers and rare hard to find tribute tracks. I've only seen the Fellows twice and if money and travel wasn't an issue I would have seen them a lot more live. Much like the Replacements, the Young Fresh Fellows live were unpredictable. but always entertaining, sometimes messy fun. More so than the Replacements, the Fellows were also outstanding musicians who could play any size venue, open for anybody and had the vigor and spirit of an extra talented garage band that will blow your mind.

Back in the days of exchanging traders lists, my top want was always the Fellows and at first they were hard to find, but after connecting with a bunch of generous taper/traders I traded for shows on cassette and my addiction to the Young Fresh Fellows was being satisfied. Thanks to traders I've traded with in the past; Mitch, Eric, Brett, Marc, Mike E, Mike P, Tim and more who sent me Fellows shows through trades.

One of my all time favourite Young Fresh Fellows live recordings is one I got from Mike P, an audience recording from Chicago's, Lounge Ax in 1990. To me this is the quintessential YFF show, a great performance with all the charisma and fun sometimes goofy antics I associate with the Fellows. A nice documentation of the concert and a fine article about the band was written in the Chicago Reader that really makes me wish I could have been there. At least we have this recording to help imagine how amazing this show must have been. I've been meaning to post this show for while, and as the first post of the next decade of TDIT I wanted something special,  it was the ideal choice. Thanks for reading!

(Note: Teenage Dogs In Trouble is on vacation for the next 2 weeks. Lots to post when I get back!)

Lounge Ax
Chicago, IL
September 15, 1990

01. Amy Grant
02. Taco Wagon
03. Picture Book
04. Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down
05. No One Really Knows
06. Groovy Town
07. My Boyfriend's In Killdozer
08. Sesame Street
09. Middleman Of Time
10. Woman's Prison
11. Rock'n'Roll Pest Control
12. When Things Was Cheap
13. Little Softy
14. Celebration
15. My Friend Ringo
16. Hangout Right
17. 76 Trombones
18. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
19. Young Fresh Fellows Theme
20. Hang On Sloopy
21. She's A Mystery
22. Rotation
23. Whole Lotta Pappy
24. When the Girls Get Here
25. My Sweet Lord
26. Topsy Turvy Theme
27. encore talk---
28. Ain't It Alright
29. Rock Around The Clock
30. Burnin' Love
31. Equator Blues
32. Wipe-Out
33. There's A Kind Of Hush
34. These Boots Are Made For Walking

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- 1990-09-15 Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL FLAC. rar

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Now We Are 10! Celebrating 10 Years Of Trouble!!

Still a mess after all these years!
YES, believe it or not, the Teenage Dogs In Trouble music blog is celebrating it's 10th anniversary! The very first blog entry was posted on August 3, 2006. In the first post, I talked about my love for music, about how my life pretty music revolves around listening to, reading about and writing about music. I had grand plans to share "new, random and MUST have CD releases" and though I tried to stay on course I have altered (though only slightly) what I post on the blog. I'm now posting mainly live concert recording that I have recorded myself, or obtained in trades or downloaded elsewhere on the web. My emphasis is less on posting albums or officially released recording for download because in the past I have been warned and threatened with take-down notices from record companies and the DMCA. I have complied with their requests and ask if any artist (or record execs) have an issue with any downloads on this page, please contact me directly. I can be very accommodating. Lots and lots of music blogs (some really GREAT ones) have come and gone in the past ten years (many taken down) and I hope TDIT will be around for another ten years.

Overflowing shelves, time to digitize!
 Since August is such a busy time with me, TDIT will celebrate this milestone throughout this year. Grand plans (hopefully) for a new logo, maybe some buttons and t-shirts or any other merch/swag I can afford sounds like a fun way to share with the followers to this blog. Thanks so much for your support and comments! I promise (this time for real!). I'll post more often and I want to share more live recordings I made back in my early taping days, the 90's. Stay tuned!

To celebrate 10 years, I'm posting a disc I got when I was a Dead Milkmen fan club member to commemorate their first 10 years as a band. Since then they released, Now We Are Twenty and since the Milkmen are still active, they should be releasing something for their 30th or more soon?

Now We Are Ten (1993)

1     Beach Song    
2     Labor Day    
3     Don't Abort That Baby    
4     Girl Hunt    
5     Land Of The Shakers    
6     I Don't Wanna    
7     Milkmen Stomp    
8     Beach Song    
9     Dance With Me    
10     Labor Day    
11     Bitchin' Camaro    
12     Plum Dumb    
13     Swordfish    
14     VCW    
15     Spit Sink    
16     Introductions    
17     Laundromat Song    
18     Filet Of Sole    
19     I Hate Myself    
20     Junkie    
21     Right Wing Pigeons    
22     Dean's Dream    
23     Rastabilly    
24     Takin' Retards To The Zoo    
25     Violent School    
26     Stupid Mary Anne    
27     Surfin' Cow    
28     Shapes Of Things

Tracks 1-4 from "Funky Barn" recorded live at Stephanie Rowley's barn dance in Bedminster, PA October 22, 1983.
Tracks 5-7 from "Death Rides A Pale Cow".
Tracks 8-26 from Dead Milkmen Take The Airwaves live radio broadcast on WXPN-FM on May 6, 1984.
Track 27 from a live radio broadcast on WXPN-FM on February 27, 1987.
Track 28 recorded live at The Trocadero in Philadelphia on June 19, 1992.
Track 29 recorded in Joe's Cold Damp Basement Studio in March 1993.

DEAD MILKMEN- Now We Are Ten FLAC. rar

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Blake Babies- 15 Years Ago...Philadelphia 2001
If you're a fan of the Blake Babies, this is a big week. Yesterday, the band digitally released a collection of songs, the Earwig Demos for those that pre-ordered the album on Pledgemusic (yes, I did!) and yesterday, the band reunited for a pair of shows in their hometown of Boston. The demos are officially available for the first time ever, a nice complement to the original album, Earwig released back in 1989.

The Blake Babies haven't performed together since their last reunion tour 15 years ago in 2001. They previously disbanded in 1992, they first united in 1999, played some shows in 1999 and 2000 and embarked on their last U.S. tour in 2001. During their last run, the band released the album, God Bless The Blake Babies which I think stands up well to their earlier albums. Before they split their very last recording, Epilogue was released in 2002. The return of the Blake Babies is a very pleasant surprise and right now I feel regretful I didn't travel to Boston and Evanston, IL (July 23) to see them live one more time. Hopefully they feel rejuvenated and enthused to tour outside these cities in the near future, but I feel I blew another chance. I regret I didn't see them in Minneapolis in 2001, but some decent live recordings from the tour made the bad decision less painful.
To coincide with the Blake Babies latest reunion shows, I'm posting a show from their final leg of the 2001 tour with the third last (?) show in Philadelphia. It's a great sounding recording and the band is in good form. I can't get enough of Juliana live, but there's some sort of musical magic when she performs with John and Freda.

**Hopefully someone is taping the shows (Boston, Evanston), please let me know and I can post here! Thanks!**

North Star Bar
Philadelphia, PA
July 19, 2001

01. Cesspool
02. Until I Almost Died
03. unknown jam (Hospital)
04. Baby Gets High
05. From Here To Burma
06. Nothing Ever Happens
07. Star
08. Civil War
09. Lament
10. Picture Perfect
11. Severed Lips
12. Walk A Thin Line
13. talk
14. Disappear
15. Out There
16. Rain
17. On
18. Girl In A Box
19. Let Me Roll It
20. Downtime

BLAKE BABIES- 2001-07-19 North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA FLAC. rar

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Replay: Ray Davies 2008 Winnipeg Folk Festival

On July 7th, the Winnipeg Folk Festival celebrates it's 43th annual festival with it's usual lineup that's sure to delight young and old. I attended just one day last year and as of right now, I don't have plans to attend this year. It usually takes one or two interesting acts that will drag me down to Birds Hill Park, but I honestly don't see much that interests me and I'm not too crazy about handing over so much ca$h. I know everyone has personal tastes and a lot of people will attend no matter who's performing as it's their tradition to visit old friends and to listen to old music and hopefully discover new music. To be honest, my favourite part of attending the festival is discovering under the radar acts and seeing the acts I'm familiar with more up close.

If I don't attend, I thought I should re-share one of my favourite performances at the festival by one of my all time favourite performers, Ray Davies. This will probably be the closest I'll get to seeing the Kinks, so I have this show locked up in my memory for safe keeping. I previously posted this show back in July of 2008, a few weeks after the show, but I want to offer an upgrade with a FLAC lossless version of the one I posted. Previously I posted the show in mp3 and since I posted I had requests to repost (it's no longer available anyways) in lossless.

If you attend this year's festival, enjoy! It should be wet and rainy all weekend so keep dry and let me know what I was missing.

Winnipeg Folk Festival
Birds Hill Park, Manitoba
July 13, 2008

Audience MD MASTER
Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Sharp MD-MT90> ADS Instant Music> USB> Nero Soundtrax>
 Wav> Direct Wave MP3 Splitter> FLAC> Maketorrent>

01.  I Need You (aborted)
02.  Waterloo Sunset
03.  I Need You
04.  I'm Not Like Everybody Else
05.  Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
06.  20th Century Man
07.  After The Fall
08.  Sunny Afternoon
09.  Dead End Street
10.  Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
11.  A Hymn For A New Age
12.  Working Man's Cafe
13.  Vietnam Cowboys
14.  Well Respected Man
15.  See My Friends
16.  Tired Of Waiting For You
17.  Set Me Free
18.  All Day And All Of The Night

19.  Lola
20.  You Really Got Me

No band just:
Ray Davies- vocals, guitar
Bill Shanley- guitar, b vocals

NOTE: Please share, but DO NOT sell this or any other live recordings on this blog. I have seen this specific recording for sale ($20!!) previously at a local record store after I originally posted this show. Not cool! Also do not convert to mp3 for sharing without my permission. Thanks.

RAY DAVIES- 2008-07-13 Winnipeg Folk Festival FLAC. rar

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gord Downie At the Winnipeg Folk Festival 2010

This weekend saw the release of possibly the final Tragically Hip album, Man Machine Poem. To coincide with the new album, the people's network, the CBC announced they would broadcast and stream the Hip's final concert of their tour on August 20th in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario. This is a small consolation prize for the many fans that were shutout from getting tickets to any of their shows across Canada. The Hip's frontman, Gord Downie said he was diagnosed in December with an aggressive, incurable form of brain cancer, glioblastoma. When tickets went on sale (presale included), the venues sold out almost instantly sparking a wave of tickets being posted for resale on sites like Stubhub and eBay as well as premium seats sold at exorbitant prices on the Ticketmaster site. I too tried to get access through the presales and general public sales, but despite refreshing the purchasing page repeatedly right at 10am, I was denied the opportunity to purchase tickets. I fully understand that concert tickets and sporting events are subject to supply and demand especially big ticket items that everyone knows will sell out quickly. Scalpers will get the money they demand because if fans really really want the tickets, they will buy them. I guess the Hip could have priced the tickets higher, even double, but I still think in this case especially, top top dollar would have been had by scalpers anyways.

Yes, somewhere up there is Gord Downie (the bald guy).

If you want to hear some live Gord Downie without his main band, the Tragically Hip, I recorded an interesting show at the Winnipeg Folk Festival almost six years ago. This was a small stage daytime workshop featuring some pretty great Canadian musicians, Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie and Jim Bryson. Each took their turn performing songs with the Weakerthans acting as the house backing band. There were some great moments during this set with nice banter (Sarah and Gord are both from Kingston) and with Jim Bryson being his normal self deprecating self. Bryson had recently recorded an album with the Weakerthans (Falcon Lake Incident) and is in Kathleen Edwards band and recorded with Harmer on her album. It's always cool to hear a Replacements cover, as Sarah performed Skyway and the finale with everyone joining in was definitely a highlight. Gord Downie also performed on the main stage with a band that wasn't the Tragically Hip, but it was a thrill to hear him relaxed and informal on the small stage.

When I recorded this concert, I considered posting it, but heard the CBC had recorded the workshop for later broadcast on the radio. I know it must have been broadcast at some point, but I have not come across the recording (is it out there? Let me know if you have it or if it's posted online somewhere). The sound quality is typical for an outdoor stage, some chatter, wrappers being opened, but fortunately no wind. When I heard the news about Gord Downie and the impending tour, I dug into my hard-drive and tracked down this rare (maybe) unheard recording. Enjoy and if you have a chance to see the Hip live on their current tour, do it! If money's an issue, tune in on August 20th and witness a great band Canada is very proud of!

"Too Close For Comfort"
Musicians Workshop
Winnipeg Folk Festival (on small stage)
July 11, 2010

AUD Master
Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> USB> 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar file

01. Intro
02. HARMER- A Town This Size
03. DOWNIE- The Dance And It's Disappearance
04. BRYSON- ?
05. HARMER- Late Bloomer
06. DOWNIE- Gone (?)
07. BRYSON- Constellation
08. HARMER- One Match
09. DOWNIE- Retrace
10. BRYSON- Freeways In The Front Yard
11. HARMER- Silver Road
12. DOWNIE- Yer Possessed
13. BRYSON- The Wishes Pile Up
14. HARMER- Skyway
15. DOWNIE- Vancouver Divorce
16. BRYSON (all)- Love Vigilantes

BRYSON, HARMER, DOWNIE- 2010-07-11 FLAC. rar

Monday, March 28, 2016

Yo La Tengo- Murdering The Classics 2016

photo: Carlie Armstrong (Pitchfork)
 Every March, WFMU holds their annual two week fundraising marathon. WFMU is a listener-supported independent community radio station in Jersey City, NJ. and the funds raised go towards keeping the station alive and the fundraising marathon relies on pledges and donations from it's listeners. Listeners are rewarded with prize giveaways and special surprise guests. It's become an annual tradition to have guests such as Yo La Tengo, who returned to play cover song requests for $100 /per pledge. I'm not exactly how many years YLT have performed during the fundraising drive, I'd estimate maybe 20 years(?) and it's definitely a show I hope surfaces each year somewhere. If you're not familiar with this format or Yo La Tengo's cover versions, have a listen to the officially release, Yo La Tengo Is Murdering The Classics released in 2006. It compiles highlights from past WFMU fundraiser performances from 1996-2003.

The setlist for the 2016 request show is conveniently split into six sets editing the banter, so it's an hour and a half of loose, sloppy fun, and not too serious covers of many classic songs. Part of the appeal is these off-the-cuff performances from Yo La Tengo is the challenge to improv their way through even the most obscure requests. Good humor and amazing musicianship from this always interesting band.

I pulled this recording from Dime and it's just too good not to share here. Thanks to the original poster, beatpop! The request from the original poster: "Please do not trade this in lossy format. Convert to lossy for personal use only". I'm posting this in it's original format (FLAC), so please respect the posters request.

Murdering The Classics 2016

Live on Todd-o-phonic 
Todd's Request-a-Thon with Gaylord Fields
WFMU-FM's Monty Hall
Jersey City, NJ, USA
March 12, 2016

(6 sets from 3-6pm)

Broadcast by 91.1 WFMU-FM, Jersey City, NJ USA.
WFMU-FM > Sony XDR-F1HD > Edirol R-09HR (44.1/16) >
Sony Soundforge 10 > FLAC level 6 aligned on SB

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 1:

01 - Dead Flowers (Jagger/Richards)  (3:05)
02 - Tears Of A Clown (Wonder/Cosby/Robinson)  (2:07)   
03 - Train Kept a Rollin' (Bradshaw/Mann)  (2:06)
04 - Don't Bring Me Down (Jeff Lynne)  (2:13)
05 - Beast Of Burden (Jagger/Richards)   (2:11)
06 - American Squirm (Nick Lowe)  (2:15)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 2:

07 - She Loves You (Lennon/McCartney)  (2:34)
08 - Stir It Up (Bob Marley)  (1:32)
09 - That's Entertainment (Paul Weller)  (2:03)
10 - Accident (Brian McMahon - The Electric Eels)  (2:38)
11 - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Daltrey/Townshend)  (2:05)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 3:

12 - Those Were The Days (Adams/Strouse) > Those Were The Days (Fomin/Raskin)  (1:44)
13 - I'm A Little Dinosaur (Jonathan Richman)  (2:03)
14 - Tell Me Something Good (Stevie Wonder)  (3:18)
15 - Nobody But Me (Ronald Isley/Rudolph Isley/O'Kelly Isley, Jr.) (2:53)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 4:

16 - Queen of Eyes (Robyn Hitchcock)  (2:22)
17 - Hybrid Moments (Glenn Danzig)  (1:41)
18 - My Heart's Not In It (Yo La Tengo)  (2:45)
19 - Spirit In The Sky (Norman Greenbaum)  (2:08)
20 - Walk Away Renee (Brown/Calilli/Sansone)  (2:50)
21 - Surfin' Bird (Frazier/White/Harris/Wilson Jr.) (2:46)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 5:

22 - Dance This Mess Around (Pierson/Schneider/Strickland/Wilson/Wilson)  (4:04)
23 - Totally Wired (Smith/Hanley/Riley/Scanlan)  (2:30)
24 - Riding In My Car (Al Anderson)  (3:35)
25 - Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)  (2:57) 
26 - Slow Death (Jordan/Loney)  (4:24)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 6:

27 - Thus Spake Zarathustra  (1:03)
28 - Time  (2:58)
29 - Holy Cow (Allen Toussaint)  (3:42)
30 - Love Potion No. 9 (Leiber/Stoller)  ( (1:37)
31 - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Nick Lowe)  (4:03)
32 - You Tell Us (Bryan Ferry)  (4:22)
33 - It's All Too Much (George Harrison)  (13:01)
      With references to:
    Rebel Yell
    White Wedding
    I will Dare
    Paint Your Wagon
    That Summer Feeling
    I Don't Wanna Play House
    I've Been Bitten By a Love Bug
    Let's Go Surfin'
    El Paso
    Call Me Maybe
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    The End
    It's All Too Much
    Yellow Submarine   

Total Running Time: 1hr 37min 50sec

Georgia Hubley - drums, vocals
Ira Kaplan - guitar, vocals
James McNew - bass
Bruce Bennett - guitar, vocals

YO LA TENGO- 2016-03-12, WFMU-FM FLAC. rar

Friday, March 25, 2016

Elvis Costello- The Complete Flip City Demos

One of my favourite things about listening to music and following favourite artists is to get the full  picture of the artist. Apart from the released discography available on LP, tape, CD and digital formats, there is a whole world of other versions, alternative tracks and demos that for whatever reason hasn't been officially released to the public. Live recordings are similar because when a band or performer performs songs in concert, it is never the same (at least shouldn't be exactly) as the studio version of the song and artists sometimes test out new material which may or may not be released later. To me, live and demo tracks are interesting, not only because "I can't get enough of their music", but because I want to hear the good and bad with all their hits and misses.

Elvis Costello is no exception, many of his alternative tracks, demos and b-sides have appeared on compilations (Taking Liberties comes to mind) and as bonus tracks on deluxe reissues of his earlier albums. Before Elvis's first album, 1977's My Aim Is True, Elvis, then known as Declan P. MacManus was in a band called Flip City. The band played the pub rock circuit in England, much like bands like Ducks Deluxe and Brinsley Schwarz, and though they never officially released anything, they did record three sessions worth of original and cover songs. These songs are interesting not only because of their historical significance, but also it gives a preview of some songs that would later appear on Costello albums in different, rewritten versions. Pay It Back and a early version of Miracle Man (Baseball Heroes) re-emerges on My Aim, while Living In Paradise and a revamped version of Radio Radio (Radio Soul) appears on This Year's Model. These Flip City demos have been around in bootleg form for years and I have the mp3 version of these tracks downloaded on the web.

The Flip City Demos version I have here, I also found posted online and I'm sure the original poster wouldn't mind it being shared here. This version is the complete demos with even more versions of certain songs and some songs not included on earlier available versions. This is truly worth a listen for all you hardcore Elvis Costello fans! The sound quality is excellent and this is the first time I've seen the uncompressed version of the demos in WAV and FLAC format. Get this now!!

Thanks to hungrypirate, the original poster for making this recording available!

(The Complete) Flip City Demos
BBC's Maida Vale Studios, 1974
Hope and Anchor Pub, Attic Studio, Islington, early 1975
Hope and Anchor Pub, Attic Studio, Islington, 1975
(studio soundboard)

01. Exiles Road (version 1)
02. Baseball Heroes
03. Radio Soul (1)
04. Third Rate Romance (1)
05. Living In Paradise
06. Radio Soul (2)
07. Radio Soul (3)
08. Pay It Back
09. Imagination Is A Powerful Deceiver (1)
10. Imagination Is A Powerful Deceiver (2)
11. Imagination Is A Powerful Deceiver (3)
12. Third Rate Romance (2)
13. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
14. I'm Packing Up (1)
15. I'm Packing Up (2)
16. (Please Mister) Don't Stop The Band
17. Exiles Road (2)
18. Wreck On The Slide
19. On The Road
20. You Win Again
21. Sweet Revival

Flip City:
Declan P. MacManus - guitar, lead vocals
Mich Kent - bass, vocals
Steve Hazelhurst - guitar, vocals, keyboards, sax
Malcolm Dennis - drums (early session only)
Ian Powling - drums (last sessions)
Dickie Faulkner - percussion, vocals (last sessions)

ELVIS COSTELLO- The Complete Flip City Demos (1974-1975) FLAC. rar

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Weakerthans- Table Of Contents

Last July, according to drummer, Jason Tait the beloved Winnipeg band, The Weakerthans were officially "done". It's hard to believe, but the band was together for 18 years. They hadn't played a live show together in over two years and their last studio album, The Reunion Tour was released back in 2007 and their last release was 2010's, Live At Burton Cummings Theatre, so really it's no surprise they would call it quits. There is always the hope for a "reunion tour" and the members are still in the "biz", so this isn't beyond the realm of possibility. John K. Samson continues with his solo career and operating Arbeiter Ring Publishing, Stephen Carroll works at Manitoba Film & Music and Jason Tait currently drums for Bahamas.

According to Songkick, the Weakerthans last official show was in Edmonton, August 31, 2013. If this isn't correct let me know and if any live recordings from their final shows (including Riot Fest) are floating around, I would be interested. The last time I saw the Weakerthans live was back in December 2010 when they performed 4 shows at 4 different venues playing each album in chronological order each night. I attended 3 of the 4 shows. For the final night at the Burton Cummings Theatre, the band performed all four of their records from the most recent back to their debut. This amazing feat was recorded in it's entirety (almost) by myself and posted here. It's posted in mp3 format (I wasn't posting in FLAC yet), but I have it also in FLAC format and if there's an interest I can re-post (please let me know in the comments).

I'll get together more Weakerthans live recordings to post in the future, but for now here's an interesting collection of B-sides and rarities that include live tracks, alternate versions and covers. I saw this on the Besides Asides blog, but it is now unavailable for download, so I thought I should share this here. Unfortunately, I only have this version in mp3, so it'll fit nicely on your iPod or pad or smartiPhone. I always love compilations like this and some tracks would work well as bonus tracks if their albums ever get reissued and get the special edition treatment. An enjoyable listen and great memories from this well accomplished and important band of the past two decades.

Table Of Contents (B-Sides & Rarities)

1. My Favourite Power Chords
2. Ringing of Revolution [Phil Ochs cover]
3. Bad Time To Be Poor [Rheostatics cover]
4. Past Due [Alternate Version]
5. Confessions Of A Futon-Revolutionist (Country Style)
6. Everything Must Go [Alternate Version]
7. Utilities [Alternate Version]
8. Illustrated Bible Stories For Children [Live on CKUW]
9. The Last Last One [Live on CKUW]
10. Left and Leaving [CBC Version]
11. The Reasons [CBC Version]
12. Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call [CBC Version]
13. One Great City [CBC Version]
14. Reconstruction Site [CBC Version]
15. Utilities [CBC Version]
16. Judy G [Sarah Harmer cover]
17. Swingin' Party [Replacements cover]

    Track 1 originally appeared on Take Penacilin Now. G7 Welcoming Committee Records 2005.
    Track 2 originally appeared on Return of the Read Menace. G7 Welcoming Committee Records1999.
    Track 3 originally appeared on The Secret Sessions. Zunior 2007.
    Track 4 originally appeared on Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 4. Hopeless Records 2002.
    Track 5 originally appeared on Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 3. Hopeless Records 2000.
    Track 6 originally appeared on Sub City: Take Action sampler. Hopeless/Subcity 1999.
    Track 7 originally appeared on Help: A Day in the Life. Sony/BMG Recordings 2006.
    Tracks 8 & 9 originally appeared on the Watermark CD Single. G7 Welcoming Committee Records 2001.
    Tracks 10-14 are not commercially available. Recorded live in-studio at the CBC.
    Track 15 originally appeared on CBC Radio 3 Sessions, Vol. 1. 2004. It is credited on the CD to John K. Samson only because at that point the song had not been recorded by the full-band on any commercial releases.
    Tracks 16-17 are Not commercially available. Recorded live at Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, Ontario on November 18, 2005. Sarah Harmer assists on "Swingin' Party".

WEAKERTHANS- Table Of Contents (B-sides & Rarities) mp3. rar

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

David Bowie- Hemel Hempstead 1972 R.I.P.

It's been almost 2 months since the untimely passing of David Bowie. During that time, many reminisced, remembered and listened to his music. There were tribute concerts, tribute albums and cover versions of his songs performed. For me, it was an opportunity to rediscover his music and though I listen his music frequently, especially the early 70's Ziggy-era, I thought I should branch off and deluge deeper into his vast discography. I actually only have a handful of his live recordings (which I will seek out more of), and I had the opportunity of seeing Mr. Bowie live during the Serious Moonlight Tour and the Glass Spider tour.

One of the shows I had before Bowie's death was this fine sounding recording from 1972. The sound is a little rough to start, but improves soon after. I downloaded this from Dime many years ago. I meant to post this a couple days after Bowie's passing, but never completed this post until now. I've included the text from the original upload for a little more background on this recording. Enjoy!

 Here is the text of the original upload:
This show is one of the most sought after. It was rumoured to be around in "certain circles" for quite a long time and only one song was open to a wider public until now: Gotta Get A Job. So I was really excited when I got it in a trade not so long ago. There will follow a remaster which will be uploaded later. 

The show itself is really great and soundwise it is close to the Kingston Polytechnic from one day earlier. It is a bit annoying that there are cuts between the songs but there always things to complain about. It's simply another great document of the early Ziggy phase with powerful versions of Moonage Daydream (David shouting all his passion out) or Waiting For The Man with a mind-blowing guitar solo of Mick Ronson.

I have attached a really nice cover I found on the Bowiesleeveart web page. Unfortunately no longer publically accessible. 

Also he performs some tracks only present in the early Ziggy phase like I Feel Free or Gotta Get A Job/Hot Pants.

Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead, UK
May - 07 - 1972
setlist (length 75:14):

01 Hang On To Yourself
02 Ziggy Stardust
03 Superman
04 Queen Bitch
05 Song For Bob Dylan
06 Changes
07 Starman
08 Five Years
09 Space Oddity
10 Andy Warhol
11 Amsterdam
12 I Feel Free
13 Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
14 Moonage Daydream
15 Whit Light, White Heat
16 Got Get A Job – Hot Pants
17 Suffragette City
18 Waiting For The Man

The band:
David Bowie – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mick Ronson – guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder – bass
Mick "Woody" Woodmansey – drums
Matthew Fisher – piano

DAVID BOWIE- 1975-05-07 Hemel Hempstead FLAC. rar

Monday, November 30, 2015

Jenny Lewis- Winnipeg Folk Festival, July 12, 2015

 Wow, it's been quite a while since my last post! The last time I posted it was still summer, the leaves were on the trees and I was wearing shorts. As a matter of fact, fall has also (almost) passed and now there is  snow on the ground, I switched to winter tires on my car, the Grey Cup (was here) is done and I'm wearing a tuque (for all you non-Canadians, a knit hat), scarf and down-filled jacket. Yes, summer is a distant memory and I'm already dreaming of the days warm enough to ride my scooter again!

To take you back to a sunny warm summer day, I'm reliving a great concert from this year's Winnipeg Folk Festival with Jenny Lewis. Lewis performed on the final night of the festival preceded by the band, Dawes and followed by the headliners for the weekend, Wilco. Dawes was great, but I didn't have my recording gear setup yet because I had to eat sometime that day, so I didn't record them. The Wilco set was marred by a serious thunderstorm that postponed and eventually cancelled the rest of the show only a few songs into their set. Very disappointed!! What I wasn't disappointed in was the amazing set for the former Rilo Kiley co-founder, Jenny Lewis. Though I hadn't been as impressed with her solo albums than her work with Rilo, she worked it well live and proved she is very capable fronting her own solo band. Her set was heavy on her solo albums especially her latest, The Voyager, but I had a smile on my face when she performed a couple of Rilo Kiley songs. I left feeling a reacquainted love for Lewis and was happy the evening wasn't a complete washout.

Despite being outside, the recording sounded pretty good. There's the usual chatter from neighbouring tarp sitters, but the sound is loud and clear with no real issue with wind. With Wilco it was a different story, the wind and pelting rain was crazy! I won't bother posting their short set.

Winnipeg Folk Festival
Birds Hill Park, MB
July 12, 2015

Audience MASTER
Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> SD > 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar

01. Silver Lining
02. Head Underwater
03. The Moneymaker
04. The Next Messiah
05. With Arms Outstretched
06. Just One Of The Guys
07. You Are What You Love
08. Rise Up With Fists!!
09. She's Not Me
10. Portions For Foxes
11. A Better Son/Daughter
12. Acid Tongue

JENNY LEWIS- 2015-07-12 Winnipeg Folk Festival, Birds Hill, MB FLAC. rar

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Soft Boys- TLA, Philadelphia, PA March 20, 2001

This year, I only took in one day at the annual Winnipeg Folk Festival and I opted for the Sunday (last day of the four day festival) because there were a couple performers that I wanted to see. The evening featured Jenny Lewis and Wilco as final mainstage headliner acts (more on them next post) which was enough for me to shell out over $80 dollars for the one day.

One of the acts I was looking forward to was Robyn Hitchcock who I hadn't seen live yet. Unfortunately, his daytime hour long solo concert conflicted with two other daytime stage concerts I also wanted to see. I opted for the other two, but beforehand attended a multi performer set featuring Robyn, Dan Mangan and The Weather Station, titled "I Get A Kick Out Of You". While each person took turns trading off songs, it was apparent this wasn't the ideal way to get a real feel for Robyn's music live, as it was more of a sampler, but at least I was able to see him perform 4 of his songs. I recorded the whole set (except maybe the last song from TWS) and I may eventually post it.

Personally for me, my favourite Robyn Hitchcock's songs are from his time with his band, The Soft Boys. Robyn fronted this band from the mid-70's to 1980 with a couple of critically acclaimed albums, though they were somewhat underappreciated at the time. Hitchcock filled the following decades, 80's and 90's with his band, The Egyptians, as well as solo albums and touring. The Soft Boys reformed in 2001 with a reunion tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Underwater Moonlight, probably their best known album. As a companion piece to the Young Fresh Fellows TLA recording I posted last month, here's the headlining set by the reunited Soft Boys from 2001. It's an amazing set of their "hits" and the sound is fabulous!

Theatre Of The Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA
March 20, 2001

01. Intro
02. You'll Have To Go Sideways
03. He's A Reptile
04. (talk)   
05. Queen Of Eyes
06. Old Pervert
07. Gimme A Part Of Rock'n'Roll
08. Underwater Moonlight
09. (talk)  
10. I Wanna Destroy You
11. Kingdom Of Love
12. Evil Guy
13. The Face Of Death
14. Leppo And The Jooves
15. Sudden Town
16. Insanely Jealous

First Encore:
01. Intro   
02. Airscape
03. The Pulse Of My Heart
04. Only The Stomes Remain
05. Mr. Kennedy

Second Encore:
06. Each Of Her Silver Wands
07. The Bells Of Rhymney
08. Where Are The Prawns?

THE SOFT BOYS- 2001-03-20 TLA, Philadelphia, PA, FLAC part 1. rar 
THE SOFT BOYS- 2001-03-20 TLA, Philadelphia, PA, FLAC part 2. rar
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